So. Day two. I am super sleepy, so it will not be the most informative post ever.

The smaller stuff:

I got back into Duolingo today, doing quite a bit of French and Swedish (my poor Swedish; it’s a disaster currently) as well as continuing with my hablo español y quiero aprender italiano laddering, which has really helped.

I went back over the first and second lessons of, and redid the first lesson of the DK book. I also went back over the and lessons I did yesterday. Arabic is definitely my preferred language of the three at the moment, although I’m slightly intimidated by their alphabet (my TeachYourself© To Read and Write Arabic Script book should have been delivered by the time I return from Italy).


Я говорила по-русски час! It wasn’t perfect, or anywhere near fluent, and I struggled with vocabulary, but we did it! An hour’s conversation! We talked about learning multiple languages at once, with the benefits and disadvantages of that, as well as how cinema is both helpful and disheartening when learning. All in all, a pretty exciting development.

A la mañana,



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