Summer Language Goals — 3 month update

Let’s not faff around:

I have succeeded in:

  • Daily languages and daily videos in June
  • French:
    • refreshing grammar
    • read novels (Bonjour Tristesse and I read half of Candide and half of La Maîtresse de Brecht, so I think the plural counts)
    • trying out memrise (hated it)
  • Russian:
    • completing beginner babbel
    • getting into other resources (mainly the Russian Tutor book, Russlan 1 and 2 and a couple of others)
    • my handwriting did improve a bit
  • Swedish
    • my Teach Yourself books have been well used and I’ve refreshed my duolingo
  • Spanish
    • I did complete the Language Hacking Book and about half of Complete Teach Yourself Spanish, as well as taking bi-weekly lessons throughout June, and having a lot of speaking practice over the rest of the summer
  • Italian
    • … I started ladder Spanish and Italian, especially on duo lingo and in my notes, and that turned out to be the most productive thing for both languages
  • German
    • I did the majority of the Language Hacking Book, and have a reasonable grasp of the language, and I think I could pick it back up fairly easily if I wanted to (now is just not the time)
  • Arabic
    • YEEEEEEEEEES. (I’ll write a separate update post)


While I didn’t get everything done that I wanted to, especially with Spanish, Italian, German and Swedish, I set myself a lot of goals.

Most importantly, this has been such a lovely summer, and I am incredibly happy at the end of it.


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