« i want to make a video, but i’m v insecure. any tips? »

This was a comment left today by one of my lovely Patrons on Patreon. Here are my thoughts:

Why do you want to make a video?

Do you think you have something to add that people would benefit from hearing or enjoy hearing? Do you want to practise how to present yourself and get more comfortable in speaking freely? Do you just want to try it for fun while talking about what you love? Whatever your reason, remember that to help to overcome insecurities.

Why are you insecure?

Is it because you don’t like how you look on camera? A good angle and lighting will sort that for you, I promise. Is it because you don’t like how you sound? No one does, but you will get used to it. Is it because you feel awkward? Don’t! Especially don’t say you feel awkward. Just pretend and it will come to you naturally. If it’s your first video, the chances are, it’s unlikely huge waves of an audience will come and find you. So relax, make some tea, and imagine you’re talking to a friend.

Make a plan

But not a script. Having bullet points helps you to feel like you have something to say, without it being artificial.

The power is in your hands

You can edit out anything you don’t want to be there. You can present yourself exactly as you feel comfortable. (You don’t have anything to worry about, Dom; you’re hilarious)

Focus on what an ideal channel for you would be

And then try to make it. For me, I love editing and languages, and so I wanted to try and experiment with the kind of content people were uploading about languages. I’m still trying to make exactly what I want, and I’m not there yet, but we’re definitely making progress. But thinking about the kind of channel that you would love to watch and trying to make that is definitely the best way to stay motivated.

No one likes their first video

Don’t try to think that your first video has to be perfect. I think of myself just making videos for me, and then I can unlist or make private the videos I dislike. My first “talking” video on my channel is awful, but it wasn’t my first vlog. No no, I started making videos some time in late 2011 or early 2012, with a terrible personality. They’re painful.

Good luck! You can do it! You don’t have to share it with anyone until you’re happy with what you’re making; I certainly didn’t.

All the best,

Ophelia x


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